Augustine Institute

Thank you for your interest in supporting our students!
Each week our current alumni impact thousands of families through education, catechesis, and discipleship programs... and through their own personal witness to the Faith. 
Will you make a gift today to support their journey?
Will you enable them to be trained for the New Evangelization so they can confidently serve in parishes and schools across the country?
Your generous gift will help make several of these scholarships possible!

-The Saint John Paul II Scholarship is awarded to a select number of promising young leaders in the Church each year for full-time on campus study at the Augustine Institute.

-The St. Nicholas Fund supports students who encounter financial difficulty after completing more than half their coursework.

-The Mother Teresa Fund supports students who are actively engaged in front-line evangelization in urban environments, reservations, and mission territory.

-The Blessed John Henry Newman Scholarship is a half-tuition merit-based scholarship.

-The Saint Francis Xavier Scholarship supports former FOCUS missionaries who are completing their Augustine Institute degrees.